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Lucy Till - Women's Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I work with women who want to transform their health and fitness.  I offer fun, thoughtful and bespoke training sessions in Crewkerne, Yeovil, Sherborne and the surrounding areas. Sessions take place in the great outdoors, my PT studio, my clients' homes or virtually via Zoom/Facetime. My programmes include nutritional advice to help banish bad habits and produce life-changing results.

I firmly believe that if you invest time in yourself through diet and fitness, improvements will begin to creep into other areas of your life. My holistic approach delivers increased energy and lays the foundations of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, giving you results that last.

Free Initial Consultation

An Individual Approach

I understand that every individual has different health and fitness goals.  I work with women from their early 30s in to their 80s and beyond.  I offer a free initial consultation which gives us the opportunity to discuss your training objectives: perhaps you’re preparing for an event,  just want to “lose a few” or simply feel more mobile.  We can talk about your exercise preferences, including what’s worked for you in the past.  We might also discuss nutrition and its importance to your progress. 


Most importantly its gives us a chance to get to know one another.  If you decide I am the right trainer for you I can then prepare a varied programme tailored to meet your needs.  

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My Services

Personal Training in Crewkerne, Yeovil, Sherborne and the surrounding areas and also online

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Good nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I provide thoughtful weight loss advice to help banish bad habits to produce life-changing results.

I encourage people to make long term changes to help end the cycle of unsustainable dieting.

All programmes include nutrition coaching. 


1 to 1 Personal Training

Perimenopause and Beyond

Most of us are aware of the term 'Menopause' and some of the symptoms that can be related but perimenopause is not such a familiar term. The perimenopause starts around 35-40 years of age when women start to notice that things are changing with their body and mood. Previous diet, exercise and lifestyle strategies no longer seem to work and it is becoming increasingly difficult to shift the weight around your middle. 

I can help you facilitate the changes needed with relation to diet, exercise and lifestyle to make you feel the best version of you again. 

With 1 to 1 personal training you will receive a bespoke programme designed to help reach your full potential. Whether you want to get in shape for an event, do your first 5k, optimise your competitive performance or simply improve your general fitness, I can help you achieve your goals whilst having fun at the same time. All sessions are varied and challenging and include a variety of PT equipment.

You will also receive support outside of the sessions, enabling you to train on your own with confidence.

I feel lucky to have always enjoyed exercise. As a child I spent many hours perfecting my roly poly around the house, and in more recent years have represented GB as an age-group triathlete. I wholeheartedly believe that dedication in your life around health and fitness can transform you and make a big difference to how you feel about yourself. And ultimately what many of us desire, feeling better about the way we look.  


My promise to you is that I will encourage, guide and ensure that whilst you are on my programmes you will feel 100% supported. I am enthusiastic, highly motivated and committed to helping you achieve your goals.


  • EIF Master Trainer, including Active IQ's Advanced Diploma in Personal Training (Reps Level 2 & 3)

  • Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription (Burrell Education)

  • 3rd Age Woman Instructor - a specialist wellness coach for perimenopausal & beyond (Burrell Education)

  • ACSM Lifestyle-Fitness Coach

  • Exercise Specialist, certified in postural retraining and corrective exercise

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Success Stories


I have thoroughly enjoyed having Lucy as my PT for over 2 1/2 years. I have been inspired to try new movements and built my confidence after some long-term arthritis problems.  It has been a delight to discover new muscles - even in my 50s!  Thank you, Lucy.  See more...


I have been working out with Lucy for a year and a half and I thoroughly recommend her.  Her workouts are hard work, fun and very challenging at times. Our sessions are always varied which keeps me motivated and on my toes!  See more...


We have really enjoyed our sessions, thank you. You gave me so much more confidence and made me feel like a totally different person from when we started.  See more...


The tailored and considered programme that Lucy developed for me has enabled me to maintain and improve my fitness and strength levels, during a time when I would usually ‘let things slip’. Lucy continuously listens to my training needs and monitors progress to help inform and adapt my training programme, which has helped me deliver my fitness and training goals. See more...


I started working with Lucy to lose weight due to a high BMI and wanting to get fitter and healthier to help me get pregnant which fortunately happened shortly after our sessions began. See more...


You’ve made me realise that being a mother of two and fast approaching 40 doesn’t mean that exercise is something other people do or is off the agenda because of lack of time and enthusiasm. You have given me back my desire to be fit and feel well. And I don’t ache anymore! See more...


7 months ago I went for a check-up and was told by the doctor that I was overweight, unfit, my cholesterol was far too high, and suggested that I should do something about it. Six months later, thanks to Lucy, my cholesterol has reduced by 42%, my muscle quality has increased by 41%, fat content has been reduced by 35% and I’ve lost 14 kg with hopefully a bit more to come. I can’t thank Lucy enough. See more...

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