Awaken your fitness

with Lucy Till, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

As a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach I offer fun, thoughtful, bespoke training sessions in South West London's parks or in clients' homes. My programmes include nutritional advice to help banish bad habits and produce life-changing results.

I firmly believe that if you invest time in yourself through diet and fitness, improvements will begin to creep into other areas of your life. My holistic approach delivers increased energy and lays the foundations of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, giving you results that last.

I specialise in working privately with adults who want to transform their health and fitness but don't feel comfortable in a gym environment.  


As a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, certified Yoga, Meditation and Pilates Teacher, I help my clients to feel confident about their bodies by embracing a more positive approach towards health, active daily living, exercise and nutrition.  Through Personal Training sessions, held in the great outdoors, my home-based studio, clients' homes or work environment, I pride myself on being by my clients' side during their sessions. If you are squatting, so am I.  If you are doing 20 burpees, so am I.  If you are running 5k, so am I!  We train together.


​Are you ready to feel healthier, more confident and energised than ever before?  Then contact Nicola to schedule your complementary Health & Fitness Consultation