I worked with Lucy from September 2017 to May 2018. When we met, I was going through an intense time with our second child due, I was in the process of selling and buying a new house, and experiencing a relatively stressful first year as a Director at work. From our first telephone consultation through to training session one, Lucy took the time to listen and understand my individual circumstances and aims. Lucy helped me set achievable goals for my fitness during this period, whilst stretching me and keeping me motivated and enthusiastic about training. Lucy started our first session with a quick set of body measurements (body fat, waistline etc.) to help keep me focused over the weeks and months to come.

We trained weekly at Streatham Common and Lucy was very flexible in accommodating my request for 6am starts... sorry Luce! Each session covered a range of resistance training, high intensity, and aerobic exercises. Lucy was well-planned before each training session with a specific set of excercises tailored for me each week. However, on a few occasions where I had some injury niggles, I was impressed how Lucy quickly adapted routines on the spot to maximise our time together.

The tailored and considered programme that Lucy developed for me has enabled me to maintain and improve my fitness and strength levels, during a time when I would usually ‘let things s
lip’. Lucy continuously listens to my training needs and monitors progress to
help inform and adapt my training programme, which has helped me deliver my fitness and training goals.

Finally, Lucy is incredibly engaging and fun to train with. She has a unique way of keeping sessions light hearted, whilst keeping us task focused. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lucy and would highly recommend her to others.


Having done almost no exercise since getting pregnant with my first child 4 years ago, and having had a second child and struggled with hip and back pain particularly during the second pregnancy, I was very unfit and had aches and pains. I was quite shocked by my lack of strength in my core, inner thighs and pelvic floor and wanted to do something to get me feeling ‘normal’ again.

Feeling so unfit I was quite nervous of how hard I might find it, and also imagined it could be a drill sergeant style of exercise, which I don’t respond well to!

I have so enjoyed our sessions. I feel so much better both physically and in myself in general. Your gentle but determined and encouraging manner (and having a sense of humour) makes me want to push myself further. You listened to my wants, and also suggested how I could help myself outside our sessions too, as well as giving me nutrition advice. We targeted specific areas as well as doing general cardio. My pelvic and sciatic pain has gone, my core strength is rejuvenated and I frequently notice my fitness level is vastly improved when I’m running around with my 3 year old, and realise I’m not out of breath. I only wish I could carry on but 300 miles is quite a long way to travel twice a week!

You’ve made me realise that being a mother of two and fast approaching 40 doesn’t mean that exercise is something other people do or is off the agenda because of lack of time and enthusiasm. You have given me back my desire to be fit and feel well. And I don’t ache anymore! 


7 months ago I went for a check up and was told by the doctor that I was overweight, unfit, my cholesterol was far too high, and suggested that I should do something about it. Six months later, thanks to Lucy, my cholesterol has reduced by 42%, my muscle quality has increased by 41%, fat content has been reduced by 35% and I’ve lost 14 kg with hopefully a bit more to come. I can’t thank Lucy enough.


She is fun to work with and extremely knowledgeable. If you or any of your friends are looking for a personal trainer, you would be bonkers not to have a chat with Lucy. She is quite simply brilliant.

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